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Choosing the Best Boiler for Your Home

Sooner or later, every UK home’s water heating system will be due for replacement. However, it’s important to note that not all of your system replacement choices are going to be created equally. Making a smart decision when it comes to the many boilers on the market today can save you a veritable fortune in long-term energy costs, so it really pays off in the long run to know how to shop smartly.

How much water does your family use and how much space do you have?

Investing in boilers that pack more of a punch than your family actually needs will only wind up costing you more money in the long run. Large families or homes that have multiple bathrooms that are frequently used will naturally require more hot water more often, making it wiser to invest in heavy duty systems – like our storage and open vented models. However, small homes or single people would do better to go with something smaller and more economical overall – like a combi option. A combi boiler doesn’t require external storage tanks, as it connects directly to your incoming pipe work, supplying your home with an instant and continuous supply of hot water at all times.

What are the best brands to choose?

After selecting the actual system that best suits the needs of your home and your family, it’s important to know your name brands. Heating systems are items that represent an investment in your home, so you’ll naturally want your choice to be with you for a long time to come. Stick to well-known name brands that come attached to a reputation for reliability, long life, and efficiency. We trust out customers to names like Glow-Worm, Worcester, Vaillant, Potterton, Baxi, and Ideal because they make solid, trustworthy heating systems that people can rely on for years at a time.

Our Promise to Our Customers

All of the systems available through us conform fully to the minimum SEDBUK ratings required in the United Kingdom, so you can always rest assured of getting a system that meets any and all standards and code requirements. We also offer a huge selection from all the most trusted names in the business, as well as superior warranty options to protect your investment in your home’s new equipment even further. Start your search for your next heating system with us today and find out what it means to experience true value.