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shower trays

Shower Tray, Bath Trays, Quadrant Shower Base, Acrylic Resin Stone Bathroom Trays

Shower Trays are also known as Shower pans or Shower base . Bathroom trays come in huge range depending on the material it is made up off, shapes and sizes.

Shower Trays (Base) by materials

Bath Trays come in different types depending on it material it is made up off. The different types of materials used for making shower trays are

  • Acrylic Shower Trays

  • Resin Stone Shower Trays

  • Glass Bath Base

  • Ceramic Bathroom Trays

  • Wood Shower Trays

  • Stone Bath Trays

At Plumb Trader we sell high quality most reliable acrylic and resin stone shower trays at very competitive prices.

Bathroom Trays by shapes and sizes

Depending on you bathroom shapes and sizes shower trays are designed and developed in different sizes and shapes. The most common shower bases depending on their shapes are as below

  • Square Shower Base

  • Pentangle Bathroom Trays

  • Rectangle Shower Trays

  • Quadrant Shower Trays

  • Offset Quadrant Bath Tray

  • Walk In Bathroom Base supplies the high quality Flair Shower Trays and Mira Shower Trays at very competitive prices. To know more about the complete range of Shower Trays (Bathroom Base) and their prices please feel free to call us on 0845 830 0050 or email us on or visit us on