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baxi neta-tec 28kw combi boiler - 720023101

New Baxi Neta-tec 28KW Combi Boiler

Part No: 720023101

The Baxi Neta-tec 28KW Combi Boiler is the latest addition to the Baxi range. With its cupboard fit dimensions*, the Baxi Neta-tec Combi can be fitted in a kitchen cupboard, offering more flexible and discreet siting.

It comes with Baxi's THINK combustion management system as standard. With Gas Adaptive Control the boiler self-commissions and adjusts itself for continuous optimum combustion, providing maximum energy efficiency for the lifetime of the boiler.

The modulation range of 1:5 means fewer ignitions, lower fuel bills and greater reliability.

Its compact dimensions and low lift weight make the Baxi Neta-tec 28KW Combi Boiler the perfect choice for homes where space may be limited.

Baxi Neta-tec 28KW Combi Boiler Features

  • Gas Adaptive Control - optimum combustion performance at all times, ensuring best combustion efficiency for the boiler's lifetime, and lower fuel bills for the homeowner
  • Self-commissioning - quick and easy installation
  • Modulation ratio 1:5 - fewer ignitions, greater reliability and lower fuel bills
  • Pre-plumbing jig - faster installation, system can be flushed before the boiler is installed
  • Cupboard fit dimensions* - space saving and discreet siting
  • Lower lift weight - easier handling
  • User friendly controls - easier setup for the homeowner's comfort

THINK combustion management system

At the heart of Baxi's new boiler range is the THINK combustion management system - the cutting edge in boiler technology. It offers great new features, from self-commissioning, automatic configuration to either LPG or natural gas, combustion optimisation and a wider modulation range.

Below we outline the key features and benefits of Baxi's new boilers.

Gas Adaptive Control

The system incorporates Gas Adaptive Control, an innovation that continuously monitors and optimises combustion by adjusting the gas and air mix. This allows Baxi boilers to self-commission and deliver lifetime maximum combustion efficiency and lower fuel bills. It also significantly lowers carbon emissions and reduces wear and tear on components, making servicing quicker and easier.

Wide modulation range

Another key feature is the wide modulation range. Just like you would change gear in a car to suit your speed, our new boilers automatically adapt their output to the heat requirements more effectively. And ratios of up to 1:7 give improved boiler efficiency, lower fuel bills and, by cycling, fewer boiler ignitions. This could mean even less gas consumption and greater reliability.

Common components

Baxi's new boilers are all fitted with common components which means that once you learn how to fit one of Baxi's new boilers - you'll be able fit them all, easily and with minimal fuss.
Service due indicator

Baxi's new range of boilers all have a 'service due' function which reminds the householder to contact their installer for an annual service.

* To fit standard cupboard dimensions of 900mm x 500mm x 300mm with removal of control panel flap

Stock item: Usually delivered within 2 to 3 working days. For urgent orders a local collection may be available. If you are interested in this service please contact us via the click and collect button on this page with your postcode and we will check stocks in your area.

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Name Baxi Neta-tec 28KW Combi Boiler
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